Rental Policy and Customer Responsibility:

Acceptable ID’s: For insurance and legal purposes, we require positive identification on all rental contracts. Acceptable ID’s are current Driver’s License or current State ID. To sign a legal contract you must be 18 years or older. We have the right to deny rental to you if you cannot show us your current License or ID. Rental agreements are made with the person actually picking up or receiving the equipment.

Rates: Rates quoted do not include Damage Waiver, Sales Tax, Transportation, Fuel, or Cleaning charges. Damage waiver is a nominal 10% charge and allows us to cover everything EXCEPT abuse, misuse, or theft…it is not insurance and may be waived by the renter. If waived we will require a deposit down. Prices on the website are subject to change at any time.

Delivery: Our delivery fleet is always at your service Monday through Friday during open store hours. Arrangements must be made a day or more ahead of time. Call for delivery charge.

Flat Tires: Flat tires and rims are the customer’s responsibility.

Tolls & Fines: All tolls and fines are the customer’s responsibility. 

Service: We believe our rental equipment is the best serviced equipment available, and we have a knowledgeable staff to service and maintain the equipment properly. With that said equipment may break down, it is your responsibility to call us so we can help you with the situation. We charge for time out not time used.

Shifts: Our rates are based on equipment being used on a standard 8 hour day, 5 days a week. (Excess hours used will be charged proportionately)

Time Periods:

½ day = 4 consecutive hours or 4 p.m. through 8 a.m. the next day. (maximum 4 hours use)

Day = 24 hours out or Saturday 3 p.m. through Monday 8 a.m. (maximum 8 hours use)

Week = 7 consecutive days (maximum 40 hours use)

Month = 4 weeks (maximum 160 hours use)

Cleaning Charges: Proper use of a piece of equipment does not end with the completion of the work being done. It continues through the cleaning and putting away of the equipment. Save money, Return equipment clean.

Customer Responsibility: Once equipment leaves the rental yard, the customer is completely responsible for it until it is returned to the rental yard and a RETURN RECEIPT has been issued to the customer. In case of loss of the equipment, the customer will be charged the full price of the equipment, not a depreciated value. No damage waiver, sales tax, fuel charge, or cleaning charges are included in rental rates. Customer is responsible for securing all rental equipment to vehicle or trailer.

Not Responsible: Harvey’s Rent-All is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury sustained while equipment is being loaded into or out of a customer’s vehicle. If our employees assist in the loading/unloading, the customer assumes the full risk of any such damage or injury.

Fuel Policy: All engine powered equipment is rented full of fuel and must be returned full or there will be an extra charge added. This excludes 2 cycle engines.

Cancelation/Refund: A 5% charge will be added if credit card was used. Note: $50.00 charge on checks returned from the bank.

Party Order Policy

General Party Orders: Reserving items must be made in person or by calling. A deposit of 50% of the total order (minimum $15.00) is required to place the reservation. The balance of payment is due when you pick up or before delivery. 

Cancelation: Notify us a minimum of 7 days before your event should you need to cancel, to avoid a 50% charge for the rented items.

**If credit card was used then a 5% cancelation fee will be applied.**

Special Order Linens: Payment in full is required when placing a reservation for special order linens. This payment is refundable up to 14 days before the event. No changes or cancellations can be made to the order within 14 days of event. 

Delivered Orders: Delivery is to the front door only; there will be an extra charge added if we have to go upstairs or downstairs, this also includes elevators. If you need items to go upstairs or downstairs this must be arranged before delivery day. We also charge extra to set up and tear down tables and chairs. This too must be arranged before delivery day.

Changes to order: Changes to the order must be made 48 hours prior to pick up or delivery day. If changes are possible within that time, an extra charge will be applied. 

How to Return Items: Items must be returned washed and put back in the correct racks. We will charge for dirty, broken, and missing items; this includes racks and/or boxes.

Linens: Do not wash linens, shake out, fold and put back in the box(s). Do not put linens in plastic bags they will mildew. If we can’t get mildew out we will charge a replacement cost. We also charge a replacement cost when linens come back damaged (such as stains, wax, or holes).

Canopies: You are responsible to CALL 811 to verify the location of underground utilities. We do not rent canopies in the winter months. 

Tables and Chairs: Must be returned clean with no tape, staples, nails, etc. or we will charge a cleaning fee.

Grills, Deep Fryers, and Pig Roasters: Deposit is added to the rental cost. Propane, missing items, and any necessary cleaning charges will be deducted from the deposit. You will be responsible to pay the extra charge if the cost is more than the deposit.

*We do not refund any money on items that are not used.

Thank You,
Harvey’s Rent-All